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Child & Family Support Services' Day Habilitation program is a group-based community-focused service that assists individuals, 21 years and older, to acquire, retain or improve their self-help, socialization and adaptive skills. Activities and environments are designed to foster the development of each individual in the areas of:

    - Communication
    - Socialization
    - Independence
    - Travel
    - Community Inclusion
    - Relationship Building
    - Self-Advocacy
    - Artistic Expression
    - Physical Health

Service provided in the Bronx and Westchester counties





Respite services provide temporary relief from the demands of caregiving, which helps reduce overall family stress. This often enables families to better meet the needs of their loved one. 

Respite is an “indirect” service that provides relief to individuals who are responsible for the primary care and support of an individual with a developmental disability.


Respite services can ensure that their loved one’s needs are met while the primary caregiver takes time to care for their personal needs.



Employment services help individuals earn pay, increase their independence, gain self-confidence and develop relationships in their community. 

Employment services help individuals identify their strengths, skills, and interests. Employment staff help individuals:

- Put together their resumes, 
- Find jobs in the community, 
- Apply for jobs.
- Prepare for interviews, 

Once the individuals have a job, employment staff help them learn what they need to know to do their job, help when their job changes, and help them understand how to fit in with other employees at work. 

Services provided in Bronx and Westchester counties.



Children participating in this service will work one-on-one with a Speech-Language Pathologist. 

Speech therapy aims to improve a student’s listening, speaking, reading, writing, and/or social skills in academic and community settings. 

Child & Family Support Services is now accepting referrals for speech-language therapy for children who have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). 




Individuals participating in this service will work one-on-one with a Community Habilitation Specialist, either at home or in the community, on developing their self-help, socialization and adaptive skills. 

As a small organization, our multicultural specialists are assigned a limited caseload, allowing them to focus on building close relationships with the families they serve. Our staff strives to provide person-centered services to the individual in need, and to collaborate with family members in a team-based approach to service provision. Finding the right match between an individual and a specialist is our priority, as we seek to form long-standing and secure connections. 

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